What is SEO?

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that everyone, especially in business, knows exactly what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is.

But at Optimease we don’t make assumptions. Simply put, SEO is the process in which websites gain high search engine listings for specific and relevant search terms and phrases.

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How are high search listings achieved?

The benefits of having a ‘high listing’ amongst the major search engines are obvious – elevated levels of significant website traffic.

There are many aspects to consider when looking to achieve this level of exposure. Primarily, if your website is poorly written and laid-out, all the traffic in the world is not going to convert into paying customers.

So before we start any of the real ‘techie’ stuff, we tend to address these ‘on page’ issues first.

SEO Copywriting

It is essential that the site’s copy (text) is written with your visitor in mind. Is it interesting? Is it telling them what they need to know? Some years ago, high importance was placed on keyword density. Although still relevant, what’s more important is the way the copy flows and answers your visitors’ questions as they read it. This will result in gaining your visitors’ trust and ‘emotional engagement’ and will significantly increase your chance of making a sale, create a lead or achieve your ‘call-to-action’ objective.

Meta Tag descriptions, Title Tag descriptions and Keywords

These effectively tell the search engines what your site is offering. The Title Tag appears at the top of the browser of the page that has loaded and is in effect a description of what that specific page is about. Search engines are increasingly placing more importance on these methods.

Keywords, although typically written into the site’s copy, also appear within the code of the site and it’s essential that they are well researched and targeted. There is no point in littering a page with dozens of different (although relevant) keywords and phrases – it is better to concentrate on two to three per page.

Link building

At Optimease we’re not really into using flashy or trendy talk to explain ourselves, but ‘link love’ is a phrase that actually highlights an important issue.
It refers to the benefit you actually gain when establishing inbound links with other websites.

Link building is an integral part of SEO and is a major consideration when planning a digital marketing strategy.

Although having handy outbound links to other sites of interest on your web page is of benefit to your visitors, it’s not overly important from an SEO point of view. Therefore, there is little ‘link love’.

The important element is to create ‘inbound’ links to other sites which:
a) Have a high ranking (different to a listing)
b) Are relevant to what you are promoting, and will gain you major brownie points when executing an online campaign.

This single element alone has changed in recent times. Google has set up a department dedicated to investigating companies who have actively taken part in ‘link buying’ and ‘link exchange’ programmes. So more than ever, deploying ethical and honest techniques is paramount.

ALT Tags and Code

ALT Tags are a way of enabling images to become SEO friendly. A flat image on its own only benefits the site visitor – mainly because of its visual appeal.

Have you ever noticed that when you have placed your mouse over an image a description has appeared? This is an ALT Tag.

The way a site is coded is another important factor. Most people are aware of HTML. However, the cleaner, more up-to-date XHTML is the preferred method of coding a site. Ensuring an efficient ‘code to content’ ratio is just another gem in reaching the goal of high rankings/listings.

We could go on, but this information is just to give you an idea of the various techniques required in order to run a successful campaign.

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